Alaska is a unique destination. Its sheer size, remote location, and astonishing variety of experiences can make it an intimidating destination for first-time planners. As an Alaska-owned and operated company, Alaska Private Touring is your go-to resource for helping create the ideal itinerary program for you and your guests. But to help you get started we've compiled some helpful information about our home state that we hope will help you begin to visualize the experience you are seeking.

To begin with we've designed an interactive map of Alaska that will help you break the state down into smaller pieces. We've divided the state into five separate regions and have provided Destination Information focusing on the highlights for each including accessibility, activities/attractions, accommodations, and dining options.

If you're not quite sure where to start, we recommend perusing our Things to Consider. Here you will find a list of common questions we ask of our clients and a brief explanation of how this information is helpful to us in creating the perfect Alaska group program for you and your guests. It's important for us to consider who your guests are and what sort of Alaska experience they are seeking. You can also skip this step altogether and simply complete our Custom Proposal Request Form, which provides you a convenient tool for sharing these details with our team.

Due to Alaska's massive size weather conditions can vary greatly from one part of the state to another and we find that our clients are often curious about what they can expect when visiting. Our Alaska Weather page provides some information you can share with your guests to assure them that Alaska is not the 'frozen' wasteland that some people visualize when picturing the Arctic.

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