While there are a number of 'Incentive' companies that offer Alaska as a destination, very few of them also call Alaska home. Our experience operating groups and incentive programs in Alaska is second to none, and our relationships with our vendor partners assure you that your guests will receive the best possible experience.

Resorts & Wilderness Lodges

Imagine ... Surrounded on all sides by majestic scenery, you and your companions lift your glasses to toast the magnificence of the day. This is your reward — for all your hard work and a job well done. And now it's time to savor the moment and just 'be...'

Wrap yourself in warm hospitality and be pampered while surrounding yourself in nature. Spend the days experiencing Alaska's great outdoors and in the evenings your hosts will pamper smaller groups with gourmet food and warm hospitality. Alaska boasts a selection of comfortable lodges, often with your own private guest cabin, boats, and expert guides to ensure the maximum enjoyment from the great outdoors.

Daytime activities typically include wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking, canoeing and boat trips. Some lodges even feature excursions by helicopter.

White Water & Kayaking Thrills

Imagine ... In awe, you paddle across the glacier lake, trying to take it all in. The glacier-blue ice looms ahead of you and is your destination for the day. Upon reaching the ice you don your crampons to begin a once-in-a-lifetime experience of glacier hiking while your guide points out the ice's unique features...

Jump into a raft or paddle a kayak and experience the thrills of Alaska's waterways. Trips from a few hours to multi day itineraries are available throughout the summer months.

This is the real thing, rafting wild rivers or kayaking against a backdrop of mountains, glaciers, and stunning scenery.

Glacier & Wildlife Charters

Imagine ... The vessel captain steers the boat in the direction of the spout for a better look. The water's surface hides the creature from view and you are not quite sure which direction it took. Suddenly the humpback whale flies out of the water and reenters with a huge splash, accompanied by the astonished reactions of you and your companions who witnessed the breeching whale...

Enjoy a day on the water with the glaciers and whales in Prince William Sound or Kenai Fjords National Park. Vessels vary in size and capacity and can provide an exclusive Alaska experience for your guests. These excursions can be customized with catered meals, bar service, and/or entertainment to be enjoyed while guests experience some of Alaska's most amazing surroundings.

Scenic Travel by Rail

Imagine ... With panoramic windows everyone has the perfect view. The entire rail car is exclusive to you and your companions, most of whom are enjoying an Alaskan cocktail as they take in their majestic surroundings. This is a true Alaskan wilderness experience providing access to otherwise inaccessible features including glaciers, mountains, and wildlife. Suddenly the rail host mentions a moose sighting and the train slows down for a better look...

When riding the rails, the journey becomes the destination as the experience itself will be one of the highlights of the day. Entire rail cars (typically 60 or 78 seats for standard service or 72 seats for dome service) can be purchased to provide your guests the ultimate exclusive journey.

Catered meals, bar service, and even on-board entertainment are just a few ways to make the journey even more special. For smaller groups of less than 25 guests, the Aurora Conference rail car is fully self-contained with a restroom and small kitchen and is the perfect supplement for a rail journey to or from Seward.

Bird's Eye View

Imagine ... The whir of the plane's engine drowns out all other sound, but as the pilot soars above Denali, the views take over all other senses. As the plane skis to a landing on the glacier, you are astonished to realize where you are and that it's nothing like what you had imagined...

Imagine sitting beside an Alaskan pilot at the controls of a classic bush plane. Feel and hear the roar of the radial engine as you skim across a lake or view mountain peaks and distant glaciers. Our 'pilot for a day' program allows you to take a few friends just about anywhere you want to go!

Fishing, sightseeing, or lunch around a campfire, the choice is yours.

Yacht Charters

Imagine ... As the day winds down, you reflect on the past few days of your Alaskan journey while taking in the spectacular surroundings. Your days have been filled with adventure, wildlife, and pampering by the vessel staff. This exclusive journey through Southeast Alaska is your reward for all your hard work, your commitment. The most difficult task ahead is choosing which wine to have with dinner...

Perfect for a small group! Climb aboard your private vessel and with an experienced skipper and custom designed itinerary explore Alaska the way it should be done: in style. See unusual and unique ports, go fishing, or view the stunning scenery of the Inside Passage. First class meals, service, activities, and surrounding scenery. Departure ports include Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka.

Unique Team-Building Features

Imagine ... Your miner-guide made it look so easy, but as you swirl the water and mud filled pan around several times, you begin to wonder how anyone ever thought they could make a living doing this. The swirling motion continues and just when you begin to run out of hope, you see a gold speck in the pan. And then another, and another...

Alaska's distinctive geography and history make it an ideal destination for some creative team-building activities. Ice climbing, gold panning, dog mushing, or even an Alaska/corporate themed scavenger hunt can be featured team-building elements for your Alaska group visit.

Just let us know what your goals are and we'll help you reach them with something uniquely Alaskan.

Alaska's People

Imagine ... The sound of the dogs barking may be startling at first. But as you get closer you realize the dogs are barking from excitement, not from concern or fear. They know what's coming and they can't wait to run. It's who they are, what they know, and what they love to do...

Alaskans live a truly unique lifestyle and many welcome the opportunity to share it with visitors. Dog mushers, including Iditarod veterans, often welcome special group visits and/or presentations.

Depending on your group's interests, other opportunities to interact with local Alaskans include Park Rangers, mountain climbers (including some who have reached the summit of Denali), gold miners, and Alaska's Native People.

Winter in Alaska's Great Outdoors

Imagine ... With these strange things strapped to the bottom of your feet, you're not quite sure how to stay upright, let alone begin moving. The white snow glistens in the sunlight and suddenly the sound of the start buzzer rings in your ears and the snowshoe race has begun. If only you can outlast and outrun your competitors...

Don't miss out on one of Alaska's best times of the year. It is warmer than you think in this sparsely populated and unspoiled winter setting. The choices are exciting and numerous: guided snowmobile trips, dog sledding, cross country skiing, photo safaris, and Aurora Borealis viewing. Some of Alaska's most famous winter events include the Iditarod and Yukon Quest Sled Dog races, and the World Ice Art Championships.

These concepts are just a small sampling of the types of experiences we have provided Alaska incentive guests over the years. Please contact us with the specific needs of your incentive group and let us put our expertise to work in custom designing an Alaska program that will 'wow' your guests.

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