Alaska is impressive for its sheer size. The state accounts for one-fifth of the United States' total land area with more than 580,000 square miles. And while the size of Alaska and all that it has to offer are some of its most unique attractions, it can be a challenging concept to convey to first-time visitors.

Our state is big and distances between various destinations within the state are also big. For this reason it is not possible to stay in one location and see all of Alaska with day excursions. Alaska is a touring destination requiring travel most days to reach different destinations and attractions. Fortunately, Alaska's unique scenery, landscapes, and wildlife assist in reinforcing the idea that the 'journey is the destination.'

Most itineraries will include a mix of 1 and 2-night stays. Some destinations are great for 2-night stays with activities available to keep guests engaged. While we typically try to avoid changing hotels too often, some destinations simply do not have enough infrastructure to warrant staying multiple nights, yet are necessary as part of a longer itinerary to get to other destinations.


Yukon Territory Far North Southwest Interior Southcentral Southeast

If traveling by land, visitors will spend the majority of their time in Southcentral and Interior Alaska. Visitors with a bit more time may also wish to visit Canada's Yukon Territory. The sparsely-populated Far North and Southwest regions offer some unique experiences. And traveling by cruise ship is just one way to explore Alaska's Southeast region with all that it has to offer.

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